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Comprehensive Accounting Services for your Law Firm

At our firm, we take on fewer clients, to ensure that we can provide our clients with an exceptional level of service.  


Our staff are highly skilled and trained to meet the Law Society Act. requirements for both reporting and compliance.


We specialize in Clio & QuickBooks Online (QBO), Reconciliation of Mixed Trust Funds to the Law Society of Ontario, and also provide many services to criminal lawyers in running their practice.


We are a fully local, solutions-based, boutique accounting firm in London, Ontario – hiring local and also using local suppliers. 

Specialists for Criminal, Quasi-Criminal Lawyers

We specialize in working with Criminal and Quasi-Criminal Lawyers, providing an unmatched level of service. 


We take charge of your back office tasks. 

Realtor Incorporation

Our Services for Law Firms

How we can assist in streamlining your law firm accounting process:


Above all, integrity is the core of our business. 


You can feel comfortable knowing that we always have your best interests and confidentiality in mind.

Family Office

Through our partner network, we offer an exceptionally unique all-in-one service.


Whether it’s Tax Structuring, Wealth Management, Employee Benefits, or Legal Compliance – we provide a strong back office for your firm.


We reconcile Mixed Trust Funds tracked in Clio.


Powered with the in-house templates and the latest software in Cloud Accounting & Receipt Automation, we focus on technological solutions to improve client outcomes and experiences.  


All-in-One Packages!


Corporate Tax, Tax Planning, Personal Tax, Government Remittances – we do it all! We specialize in working with Small Business Corporations – ensuring that you receive top-tier advice and service.

Law Firm Accounting

Case Study

Lawyer A is a fast paced criminal lawyer dealing with everything from meeting with clients, preparing for trials, paying bills, keeping employees happy, staying up to date on PD courses, meeting LSO obligations and raising a family – among other things.


Lawyer A dislikes accounting and tax, but knows it’s important to stay in compliance of the laws, and to have a tax plan that leads to financial independence.


Rather than spend hours trying to understand CRA obligations and deadlines, meticulously tracking client Trust Funds, spend days researching Tax Plans –  Lawyer A knows that they can be more profitable if they have an accountant specializing in accounting for criminal lawyers handle all of their back office tasks.


Lawyer A knows NG Chartered Professional Accountants is an ethical and respected firm, employing staff locally in London, Ontario and that they value client confidentiality, will pick up the phone when called, and respond quickly to e-mails.

Accounting Services for Criminal Lawyers

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