Corporate & Business Taxation

Corporate & Business Taxation

Part of owning an incorporated business or investment company involves the requirement to file and pay corporate taxes to the Federal and Provincial Governments. 


Tax rules and regulations are constantly changing, which makes it difficult and onerous for small businesses to keep up to date with their obligations. A corporate accountant can assist with businesses’ tax obligations.


Let us help your business through the process! We can help ease the burden of corporate & business taxation. Contact NG Chartered Professional Accountants today! 


Our team will be happy to discuss what we can do to assist with all of your corporate and business taxation needs.

How we can help with Corporate & Business Taxation

At NG Chartered Professional Accountants, we provide a wide range of services to private businesses and corporations to help relieve the burden of taxes and also assist owners in planning their finances for the future.

Having a well thought out tax plan helps both private companies and owners minimize taxes and optimize personal wealth. 

NG Chartered Professional Accountants can help you make informed decisions regarding the best tax options for you and your business!

Incorporation & registering for tax

Assistance with CRA reviews & audits

Preparation of Corporate T2 Tax returns

Issuance of T4 & T5 slips

Working with your investment advisor

Tax estimates

Filing of HST & GST returns

Investment tracking

Tax planning

Filing of payroll & T4 summaries with the CRA

Corporate Tax Services in London, Ontario

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