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Private Company Tax

We offer integrated corporate and personal tax planning for business owners. We’re here to help.

Private Company Tax

Part of owning an incorporated business or investment company involves the requirement to file and pay corporate taxes to the Federal and Provincial Governments. Tax rules and regulations are constantly changing making it difficult and onerous for small businesses to keep up to date with their obligations.

We provide a range of services to private corporations to help relieve this burden and also assist owners in planning their finances for the future. We can assist your small business with:

• Incorporation & registering for tax
• Preparation of corporation income tax returns
• Tax estimates
• Tax planning on proposed business transactions or legislative changes
• Assistance with CRA reviews & audits
• Issuance of T4 & T5 slips
• Filing of HST & GST returns
• Filing of payroll & T4 summaries with the CRA
• Investment tracking for shares and funds for investment companies
• Working with your investment advisor to harmonize your tax position with your investment strategy

Having a well thought out tax plan helps private companies and owners minimize taxes and optimize personal wealth.


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